International Dance Talent Competition Italy
FINAL ROUND - season 2021-2022

Registration for the INVITED finalists opens on May 7th 2022

Live and Online Competition
Live on stage Mesagne, Italy (8-10 Jul 2022)
Online (Recorded videos) (11-12 Jul 2022)
A Prestigious Jury Panel
Welcome to the International Dance Talent Competition Italy
(2021-2022 Season)

The International Dance Talent Competition Italy is a UNIQUE IN PERSON and ONLINE event with the main purpose to create opportunities for the young dancers to “network”, to see and to be seen by their peers, teachers, schools’ and companies’ directors and of course, to engage the audience.
The  international workshop(open only for in person participants)  is not mandatory; however, participants are encouraged to attend. To learn more visit the workshop page


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