Registration opens on March 8th 2021

Welcome to the International Dance Talent Competition Italy

The International Dance Talent Competition Italy is a UNIQUE ONLINE event with the main purpose to create opportunities for the young dancers to “network”, to see and to be seen by their peers, teachers, schools’ and companies’ directors and of course, to engage the audience.

Connections made under such circumstances inevitably result in generous and even career, altering offers of scholarships and jobs.

The competition is designed to bring the physical event into a digital world especially during this difficult time when live competitions are no longer an option. You are invited to the virtual twofold event that includes an amazing workshop and the adjudicated stage performance that will encourage all the participants to stay in an exceptional shape mentally and physically, while pursuing their dream careers.
Dance Artists from around the world, please join us in this challenging International Dance Talent Competition Italy - Virtual Edition, May 13th - 16th 2021.

The workshop is not mandatory; however, participants are encouraged to attend. To learn more visit the workshop page

A Prestigious jury panel

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