This section is valid for both online and in person participants

All participants must register and upload their video (online) or music (In Person) files after they create their own account directly on the registration page no later then 28th November 2021.
If you already have an account with please log in at registration page.
Copy of the passport or any other documents verifying date of birth of the contestants must be send via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After completing the registration, including the payment section, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address registered to your Dance Comp Genie account.
Teachers, parents or a representative of the competitor can register all entries instead.
The school/studios/companies must create their account, add all the dancers they are attending with, and then create each entry .
They would then submit and checkout with all of them.

It’s important to have this central account to link everything within the same school/studio/company together.

All participants may enter one or multiple entries in any categories.
Number of entries will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to the amount of performance time available.


This section is valid for both online and in person participants

Competitors will be judged by an international Jury based on 100-point system.
Competitors who receives 85 points and up will be invited to take part at the Finals in July in Mesagne Italy .
Additionally, at judges’ discretion, all entries who did not receive a total score of 85 or higher may be invited to the Finals

Competitors will be judged on artistry and technical skill.
Male and female participants in all age divisions will NOT compete separately.

If a competitor performs multiple entries in the same category, the highest score entry will be considered for the final ranking.
If selected for the Finals, in order to participate, (SOLO/PAS DE DEUX /DUETS ) MUST register for the Finals with the same entry as the one on the basis of which they were selected for the Finals.
All ensemble categories may enter to the Finals with 80% members of the final selected piece .
If a Solo participant receives the passing score for several solo pieces in the same category
they may select a MAXIMUM OF ONE PIECE IN THE SAME CATEGORY for the Finals .

The competition will give out final ranking scores after the competition ends.
The jury reserves the right to withhold any award or to divide an award between competitors.
Decisions of the jury are final and without appeal.

The jury of IDTCI reserves the right not to present all of the announced awards.

The participants may take part at the event in person, online(recorded videos) or both!

Keep in mind that online Participants will compete separately from the In Person Competitors


In Person Specific Rules

Arrival date

Competitors can arrive to  Bucharest on Friday, December 3rd  2021, to check-in.
The Check-in will start on the 3rd December  at 10AM at Sala Rapsodia (Strada Lipscani nr. 53, Bucharest).
Contestants must check in at the Competition at least on the day of their appearance.

Please make your travel plans accordingly.


Music Backup

Competitors should bring with them a backup copy of their music, either on a flash drive in mp3 or wav format or on a Audio CD.


Travel And Accomodation

Travel and expenses to and from Bucharest are the responsibility of the competitor.
Accommodation is the responsibility of the competitor. 


Stage Appearance 

Technical rehearsal/open stage will be provided 10 minutes before each round.
The order of appearance is determined by the competition after registration deadline by the latest 30th November 2021.

The competition takes place at SALA RAPSODIA (Strada Lipscani nr.53, Bucharest - Romania)
The stage dimensions are  10m x 10 m.
Flat stage with linoleum dance floor.

All competition performances are held before a public audience.

Every participant at the competition will receive a Pass Card for entrance to the theatre and workshops for the competiton days on the day of check-in.
A free Pass Card will also be given to every teacher or companion.
For single participant, pas de deux /duet or groups /schools up to 7 participants. 1 free Pass Card will be given to every teacher or companion
For groups of 8 or more participants a maximum of 3 extra free Pass Cards will be given.



Competitors should provide their own costumes and make-up


Competitors are responsible for securing their own medical and accidental insurance for the duration of the competition

Online Specific Rules


Contestants have to upload only videos files that has been filmed in any space during the year 2021
Contestants may send the footage filmed in any space indoor or outdoor (at other events), with or without costumes, provided that the footage is clean view and clear sound.
The body of the dancers must be clearly and fully visible throughout the filming all the time.

NO special effects allowed in the footage.
The video must be one recording shot and not multiple recordings edited together.

Studio, school, company’s logos are allowed in dancers’ videos.