Create an account Go to the registration page and create a new account (if you don't have one already).
You can sign-up as a school or as an individual.
It's important that you, as a school or individual, use the same account for all your routines (performances)

Enter a routine When your account is ready, it is time to enter your first Routine!
Go to your dashboard (log in here) and press the "Add New Registration" Button then, from the "Select an Event" dropdown select the event you're interested in("IDTCI Final - Online" if you want to participate online or "IDTCI Final - Live" if you wish to join us in Italy).
Please note that you can come back at this step if you wish to participate both online and in person.
After selecting the event you can press the "Add new Routine" or the "Add multiple Routines" button to add one ore more entries for the competition.
After that fill out the form.
Repeat this step for all the routines that you want to enter.

Payment You can now proceed to the payment section by pressing the checkout button.
The system accepts all major credit cards

Upload your music / video If you're a live participat press the "Upload Music" button in your dashboard (log in here) then upload the music for your piece. If you're an Online participat press the upload video button in your dashboard.
Please make sure that you upload the correct video / music to the correct routine and to do so before the application deadline (see the calendar page).
You can enter as may routines as you please even after the first payment.