During the Competition an International Ballet Workshop will be held ONLINE  on the  December 4th 2021 - December 5th 2021.
The program will consist of:

  • Ballet Technique classes with Nobuhiro Terada, Monika Barna, Tatiana Anton and Valentin Bartes;
  • Contemporary Dance classes with Damiano Bisozi;
  • Hip-Hop "Urban Styles" with Allyne Veraz and Cosma Levi Lennon

The participants may take part in person or online!

The workshop will be held based on Romanian Time Zone.

Workshop participants may join the Zoom classes from their studios or from their homes.
All competitors may register for the Workshop on the following link: www.idtci.com/registration at the time of registration for the competition.

In case you are already registered at the competition but you wish to add the workshop participation please follow the instructions:
in your dashboard (www.idtci.com/registration) press “make changes”, navigate to the “Workshop Add-ons” section, and press “Attendees”.
For each registered dancer it will be possible to select the lessons by pressing “yes” at the column related to the lesson in which you intend to participate.
If you have more than one registered dancer, you can enrol all of them in by pressing “All yes” button under the lesson title.
If you wish to attend the Workshop without competing please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workshop registration and payment deadline: 28th November 2021.
For the online participants The ID and Password will be provided once the payment of the workshop is confirmed.

ONLINE: 15 euro/class/dancer

The places are limited based on first come*first served policy!

The workshop is NOT mandatory.


Classical Ballet Workshop
PRE-COMPETITIVE - 9.00 - 10,15 - Tatiana Anton
JUNIOR  I – 9.00-10.15  – Monika Barna
JUNIOR II  - 9,00 -10,15 - Valentin Bartes
SENIOR and PROFESSIONAL  - 10,30 - 11,45 - Nobuhiro Terada 

Contemporary Workshop
JUNIOR  I and JUNIOR II -9.00-10.15 –  Damiano Bisozi
SENIOR and PROFESSIONAL  - 10,30 - 11,45 - Damiano Bisozi

JUNIOR  I and JUNIOR II  – 10,00 - 11,15  –  Cosma Levi Lennon
SENIOR and PROFESSIONAL  - 11,30 - 12,45  - Allyne Veraz